Zara Shahjahan “Forever Boho” Pret Collection TFPW 2015Recently, as we know that telenor fashion Pakistan week 2015 has been took place at pearl continental hotel in Karachi. Telenor fashion Pakistan week 2015 has been many delighted by modestly Zara Shahjahan that presenting his special stylish patterns from their brand name “Forever Boho” pret collection. Zara Shahjahan is a name symbol with quality and luxury high-end fashion. TFPW Zara Shahjahan Forever Boho wears stylish pret collections 2015 for girls and women. When presentation of the clothing brands introduction sovereign meadow collection, designer brand Zara Shahjahan has showed an extra line of luxury prêt collection “Forever Boho” at telenor fashion Pakistan week 2015 on 3rd Apr 2015. “Forever Boho” pret summer collection is designed for parties functions, bridal flowers and almost all that’s pleasure.
This visible the designer’s first ever impression at the essential fashion stage. The collection contains of attractive outfits in western Boho shapes, free expanding cuts in jeans, trimmed coats and skirts, fastidiously adorned through antique embroidery for else show to the line's stylish forms. This “Forever Boho” pret collection by Zara Shahjahan gets huge response among fashion lovers. Zara Shahjahan has introduced many other collections that are popular and well like between girls. Zara Shahjahan is talented of extremely express discolored qualities look amazing in the development of her designing, flowery shapes and breathtaking stitching trend. Hope you will look and like all the stunning images of “Forever Boho” pret collection TFPW 2015 by Zara Shahjahan.

Zara Shahjaha TPFW Summer Collection 2015 

Zara Shahjahan “Forever Boho” Pret Collection Zara Shahjahan Forever Boho Summer Collection 2015
Zara Shahjahan TPFW Summer Collection 2015Zara Shahjahan TPFW Summer Dress Collection
Zara Shahjahan TPFW 2015 Summer Pret Collection Zara Shahjahan Summer Pret Collection TPFW 2015
Zara Shahjahan Luxury Summer Pret Collection 2015 TPFW Zara Shahjahan Luxury Pret Collection 2015 TPFW
Zara Shahjahan 2015 TPFW Pret Collection Zara Shahjahan TPFW 2015 Forever Boho Summer Collection
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Zara Shahjahan summer casual dressesZara Shahjahan long summer dresses TPFW
Zara Shahjahan beautiful TPFW 2015 summer dressesZara Shahjahan TPFW 2015 beautiful summer dresses
Zara Shahjahan TPFW 2015 summer long dressesZara Shahjahan long summer dress TPFW 2015

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